2018 had its ups and downs.....

Alana • 24. Married. Mommy to Amanda Faye Hadley 5/1/18. Mommy to 3 fur babies 🐱🐱🐶


Got gifted a safe vehicle for our daughter

We had a beautiful daughter

Had a good friend come back into my life

We bought a house in October

We celebrated 2 years together

We celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary


Before our daughter was born my husband lost his job of 7 years for no real reason. Then he got what he thought was his dream job but his bosses were insane and crazy and treated him and all employees like crap

We've had our share of fights (mainly from a job that he had) that almost caused me to lose my little family multiple times (due to me not being able to handle it)

TWO of my very loved family members died (one in January and one in October)

A different family member got diagnosed with cancer a couple months ago

One family member i don't know very well is losing her memory from her age

Me and my family have been getting stalked by some of my husband's family because they are crazy

2018 has been pretty good but lets make 2019 EVEN BETTER