He is Amazing BUT..... his sex and oral skills

Ok so I know it may not be the most important thing and I think most of you will say so but I just really need to get opinions about this.

So I’m dating s guy that is about 10 years or so older than I am. We connect on an intellectual level and want the same things. He respects and accepts my three children ( he has three of his own as well). He encourages me , respects me , claims to love, does the most for me, giver verbal, emotional and physical affection and is easy to talk to.

I say all of these these because the last man I was with , my kids father was the complete opposite and he did nothing but cheat on me feed me stories that I believe for years etc etc.. now I can recognize what I had an what I have now. We been speaking since April.

Anyway fast forward , now that you know how wonderful this guy is, my problem is I am not sexually attracted to him 😖. His sex skills and oral sex skills are not good at all. He told me once he was 7 inches around the time we met and we were talking about sex , but since knowing home and attempting to have sex the few times that we have, he is more like an 5.5, almost 6 ( maybe). He doesn’t have much girth either. Ok! So I was like I’ll try to work with it. So I bough is toys etc but just want fun, tried the oral thing and he is more like sucking a lollipop instead of doing the whole tongue shabang ( SO SORRY TMI).

It was so bad the first 2 times that I was not interested in having sex and out of the months we been talking we have only had sex maybe 5 times. I just don’t feel up to it with him because I was just turned off. Soooooo, the last time we had sex about 3 weeks ago, I wanted to play a strip gamre to make it spicy. So his dick was covered in all this hair, almost like troll hair. So I asked him did he ever shave and he said he had never in his life. The man is in the late 40s. So I said okay, and suggested that he do that. In my head I’m thinking it would obviously make his penis a little more exciting or visible. We tried the sex but was unsuccessful.

Anyway, so we’re still together and it’s because I really really like him as a person. I’m not in love and it may be because I don’t have the intimate part , but I care about him and I feel like I can love him and definitely want a life with a man that values me the way he does. He really adores me. He wine and dines me and even bought me a $2500 necklace for Xmas ! Most important he accepts my sons like his and he had been wonderful to them and they like him. My boys are all under 9. His are all older than 13.

So I don’t know what to do! I feel so confused. I will admit I’m in my mid 30s and look young and petit and have a nice body for 3 children. I’m 5’3 , 115 pounds, ath metic Petit body. He is not in shape at all but he is not fat. I don’t care but I guess the sex part is what bothering me and I think I’m too young to be deprived it. I’ve had and usually always have good sex partners. So this is a surprise for me

I want him .... but how do I get through this? Anyone with the same experience ?