Sober 42 days

So the day we found out we were pregnant with our second child (ttc for two months) I quit everything-weed, alcohol and my Lexapro (as a scientist I’m not comfortable with the findings of first trimester antidepressant drug use, but I’M NOT here to debate/oppress/condone those who do use antidepressants and weed during pregnancy-those are personal choices). I quit the weed because it just didn’t feel right, like God was giving me a very motivating reason (the baby) to give up my daily smoking habit. I did great up until 2 days ago-son and I are both battling the stomach flu and I would kill to have the desire to eat something-anything. I haven’t smoked and I’m not planning to, but I’m looking for positive support (especially for others who’ve quit weed) in how quitting has made things better for you/your situation. Thank you so much 🙏