Help!!! Please.

Lauren • Nurse•Momma•Wife•Pregnant with #2 Due in Feb 💕

My cat who is an indoor cat got out this morning through our kitchen window. We didn’t realize until we had woken up, so we aren’t sure how long she’d been outside. Anyway, we were outside looking for her & we found her and I attempted to pick her up and she scratched me pretty damn good & punctured my arm with her claws.

I immediately ran inside and ran some water over it and washed it with soap. But now I’m googling like crazy especially because she was outside and I have NO IDEA what she could have come into contact with. I’ve since cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and applied antibacterial ointment. I’m just worried it somehow harmed my son. I’m 33+5. This has been the week from hell. I called my doctor, just waiting on a call back.