New years resolution: no more ttc


After 4 years of ttc.. temping my bbt doing the opks..the at the right time..laying my legs up..not...doc appointments.. Test..more test(all good results)...any and everything we could. After 6 miscarriages and too many let downs heartbreak and tears. I just feel drained. I truned to my husband today(im 5dpo) i said if this isnt our month im done...i said im going to stop temping and doing ovulation test and all the shit ive been doing for 4 years its god damn stressing me out and its not even working. He was shocked but said good we can just enjoy life..if it is ment to happen it will if not you are more then i could have ever asked for. I love this man. In any way he supports whats best for me yes he wants a baby too but he gets after 4 years how utterly crazy i am going. So we agreeed to stop ttc and just enjoy having sex again..and enjoy us again.