I’m no longer sexually attracted to my husband and we are just newly married help!!!!!

I use to be very attracted to my husband everything was great. We definitely have an issue with four play and him caring about my needs sexually but we are working on it kinda.. but ever since starting to ttc we seem to only have sex during fertile week and it turns into just having sex for the fact of ttc so it’s like quickies.. I’m usually not in the mood. We use preseed so he doesn’t care to get me going or anything .. I feel like I’ve lost my sexual attraction to him and idk what to do 😩😩😩😩😩 can it come back once it’s gone idk it’s been weeks and I haven’t wanted to have sex with him besides for ttc purposes.. I have no desire 😞😞😞😞 i love my husband and this is just going to cause issues.. has this happened to anyone and then it came back ?? Idk what to do !!