Workin' mom


I started at my company late July. August I got pregnant. I was completely honest with my employer and HR from the beginning as I work with young adults with disabilities (sometimes they can be violent). I was surprised by how amazing the office staff was, we are a small company and have only been around for two years. The owner of the company and his wife gave me a crib, pack and play and a bag of clothes. I was promoted with my job and promised when I come back from maternity leave I will have a house of my own. Everytime I have an ultrasound done, my boss asks for a picture so he can watch my son grow ❤️ all of my clients are excited and they consider Baby K to be theirs. My heart is so full of the generosity of my friends and family. My friend gave me a changing table that we have put together. 20 weeks on Tuesday with my Rainbow baby. Baby K is so loved. The sloth in the picture was given to me by a client and her mother. The giraffe was given to me by my mom when I got pregnant last year, but we miscarried.