Not testing

For the first time this month I won’t be testing like a crazy person from 11DPO :D

I am on holiday on the other side of the world, 10 hours difference from home, having a great relaxing time in my family home and for the first time I decided to shake this TTC anxiety off and just BE. I am 12/13 Dpo (I ovulated a bit earlier due to jet lag, I could feel it) and didnt temp or tested my ovulation, I just listened to my body for once and had sex just following our instinct and the flow of the holiday mood. This TTC journey has been driving me crazy and this is the first month I feel free!

AF is due the day we will leave to go back home to Australia, 28 hours journey ahead so I guess it will be late but I decided not to test till I go back home and re settle my biological clock with summer season and local time.

Wish me luck!!