Am I wrong ? I’m hurt

So ladies my son dad in I split I end up finding out u was pregnant Ok now my son is 1 years old his dad lives in a different city I been for the past year using all my money in days off to get him to his dad faithfully 3hrs away every weekend drop off pick up , I’m currently 11 weeks pregnant by the love of my life he just completely helps me in my children with everything he loves us ok so recently my son dad told me he has a daughter on the way that’s fine but I’m hurt because iv been pulling all the weight in he tells me he cant really provide for my son cus he’s trying to prepare for baby I’m so hurt because my son doesn’t get aneything like he hasn’t seen him in 2 months because I recently started working full time as a nurse like idk if it’s just my emotions I feel destroyed because I just feel like my son can’t even get love from his dad less known a doller because a new baby that’s not fair to my boy 😓🙄 am I wrong for feeling hurt ladies ?