Low supply help 😔


Hey ladies, looking for some advice!

Baby girl is now 10weeks, and for the first month and a bit I had a massssive supply; I was feeding her and pumping around 12oz to freeze per day. Around 5-6 weeks she started sleeping the night, and my doctor said to let her since she was gaining weight and healthy otherwise. Her 6hr stretches turned into 10hrs+ and my supply has taken a huge dip... I never thought I’d complain about her sleeping the night, however without at least one night feed, my body has stopped producing nearly as much, to the point that I’m collecting leaked milk while she feeds one side and am pumping whatever possible after a feed to ensure she goes to bed satiated as she isn’t getting as much as she wants. She screams while feeding because she doesn’t want to work for the milk, but there’s just not enough in there to keep her happy 😩 I’m feeding her every two hours and just started taking fenugreek and blessed thistle.

Is there anything else I can do? Everyone has said not to wake her at night, and I don’t want to use formula if I don’t have to... 😔