Anyone need a laugh?

Tiffany • Wife 💍 Girl mom 💖 Boy mom 💙 Best of both worlds💕

My house is currently chaos. I have been nauseous all day. My husband comes home and he’s grumpy because of work. Our 2.5 year old has diarrhea every time she drinks milk (which is new and random) and won’t eat anything just wants milk.

So finally the nausea hits me because my husband is eating something extra smelly. My daughter is losing her mind bc she was doesn’t understand and my husband doesn’t do good with her crying when he can’t comfort her and I’m vomiting so he’s feeling extra stress. Well I peed myself while vomiting. I finish I clean up the bathroom and myself and come out of the bathroom naked (bc my bedroom is like a step away from the bathroom). My sister (we rent an in-law space from her) is coming down the stairs (to use my dryer) as I’m going from the bathroom to bedroom. She’s FaceTiming with are other sister. Both my sisters get mooned as I run away. LOL 😂