So happy!!! 😊⛸

I know this isn’t anything major but there’s a guy I’ve been flirting with for a few years. I always admired his personality but once we started talking, those feelings grew. Eventually, he started to like me back but we’re both really awkward and neither of us are making a move. Anyway, we haven’t seen each other in a while because of Christmas break but he and a few of our friends went ice skating today and it was fantastic! He got to meet my family and they all love him and he loves them too. We pushed each other on the cones and when I had to stop to fix my skate because of bruising and blisters, he kept me company after everyone else left. He’s just so sweet and makes me so happy. It makes me sad everyone else our age skips this part of relationships and goes straight to the physical, sexual aspects. Nevertheless, I’m grateful for what we have!