Is it irresponsible not to put clothes on your baby everyday?


For example, if you clothe your child everyday but weekends is that irresponsible?

I don’t put clothes on my daughter on the weekends if i know im not going to be going out that day. We’re snowed in basically right now, its still snowing and the roads aren’t even close to plowed. My daughter’s hot headed bur obviously if she got cold id out clothes on her but she wont even sleep with clothes on half the time. She takes them off because shes too hot. I live with my parents until I can get enough money for my own place. My stepdad came upstairs 2 hours ago and then went out driving with my mom and complained to her about how lazy and crappy of a mom i was because my daughter wasn’t dressed. Obviously im dressed but thats because i have breasts and I dont think my parents would be happy for me to walk around without clothes on but if i were in my own place in this situation id probably wear pajamas all day long.

I want to see everyone else’s opinions on the subject, not to prove me right or wrong but to see different view points of different parents.

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