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I met this guy from a nearby school via Instagram and we’ve been texting for a couple of weeks now. It was really great at first and then he started heavy flirting. He asked me to send pictures of myself (not nudes) to him one night and then he called me beautiful and I said he was cute and then ever since then he texts me and flirts all the time. We haven’t hung out yet because he’s on vacation but he’s coming back in a couple of days. Idk if I should hang out with him though because it seems kinda rushed an weird. He calls me his dream girl but we’ve never met in person it’s all just been texting. Sometimes when we text we’ll just be having a nice conversation and then he’ll send a shirtless pic or call me beautiful/sexy. He’s very sweet don’t get me wrong, but I wonder what his intentions really are. I would prefer a relationship with depth, not completely based on physical attraction.

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