normal or is this postpartum depression

Denise • Hey girls hey 💁
I honestly am stating to hate my husband... like honestly I don’t fucking get him! 
I’m a pretty understanding spouse and I know having a newborn (3wks old) is a lot of work with all the crying and he is starting to show signs of colic! But We hired a night nurse to come 7 days a week to help me out so I can get some sleep since I’m with him all day, she works from 10pm-7am and wakes me up every 2 1/2-3hrs to either pump or to feed him. Anyways my husband is complaining all the time about how tired he is! Like are u fuckin kidding me? I mean all the time, moping around the house, “ Oh I’m sooo tired I barley slept last night.” Why? U sleep in the guest room so the night nanny doesn’t wake u up! I pump in the nursery so that doesn’t wAke him up. He legit gets 7+ hours of sleep every night! And he works from home so I catch him napping every so often! Honestly WTF???? So I ask, is resentment a sign of PPD because if it is I may have it.