I Need Advice

I’ve been friends with this guy for years and we always had a mutual crush on each other. We finally dated at about the beginning of 2018 and we broke up because he was so busy. I liked him so much but while we dated he was kinda flaky and he was usually fairly broke which, we’re both young college kids so I understood. I waited for him for a few months (kinda) to see if he had any interest in getting back together and not only did he not mention it but he pretty much stopped talking to me even as a friend and would go out with groups of girls and I heard about that from other people. Then we hung out one evening and he wanted me to come over (I had never been to his house and it was like 9 pm...) and I told him no. He had this weird thing where I think he would try to make me chase him. He’d tell me to text him (phones go both ways, dude) and stuff like that. Anyways not too long later he called me while I was at work.. and I called him back after work. Turns out he just needed me for a ride. And then while on the phone he asked how my day was and I started talking and then he just said “okay well I gotta go, bye”

So here we are a few months later. I’ve deleted his number and social media because he just made me irritated. Well so now he’s been dating this girl for like maybe 2-3 months? And someone else we both know told me a few weeks ago that this girl is pregnant. And tonight I find out they’re engaged. As soon as I found out I had a small weird panic attach including some crying.

I think I just feel cheated. He was someone I trusted and really cared about. We didn’t get a fair shot at our relationship because it was such a busy time in his life and so I got a crappy relationship with him and we didn’t even really get to stay friends.. and now she’s getting the treatment I deserved. He couldn’t even buy me Taco Bell (I paid for most dates) but she got an engagement ring.

I just need advice because I feel so bitter and I really don’t like it. I want an apology and I feel like I deserve it for basically being put on the back burner and taken advantage of but I also just want to leave everything in the past..