Nursery is decorated!

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My mom and dad spoiled us back at about 15 weeks by completely outfitting the baby's room. All the furniture here is from them. There's also a cute dresser in the corner that's not pictured here. Well, I'm now 31+3 weeks and I think I'm finally done decorating.

I work a very part time job. Like... 6-18 hours a week.. Just enough to cover my car payment and gas pretty much. So all other bills are on my husband. He works so very hard but we don't have a lot of money to throw around right now. (I'm starting at the post office in a week and a half tho so everything will be better soon! So relieved.) but we've been trying our best to stock this room up with things we actually need while also making it a little homier for baby.

We don't know if baby is a boy or girl so we picked the theme "somewhere over the rainbow" to bring some color in. Also, my dad sang that to me when I was a baby and it's been 'our song' ever since.

Better view of the rainbow

I also have some extra fabric I bought to make something else... Small blanket? Pillow? Mobile? It would be rainbow colors too. Just havent decided on what to do yet...suggestions would be great!

Also any tips? I was worried the rainbow curtains were too close to the crib but my mom thinks it'll be fine since the crib bed can lower about half a foot while baby grows and starts to stand...? We also plan to get a mesh crib liner so baby won't be able to reach out to grab the part hanging down the side either.

What do you think?? Does it's look ok for a nursery on a budget?