I don’t know what to do

When I was six or seven my brother made me suck his dick I didn’t want to he made me I was so little I have Aspergers & severe depression. I’m 24 now. I never told anyone about it. He’s 31 now with a family. I acted like everything was fine since it happened because I’m scared of my brother. We were close growing up. He would always give me advice about messing up in life & that he cares & love me. He’s always mentally & emotionally abused me & manipulate me all my life. He has really bad anger issues. I have a four month old daughter & I’m getting married next year. I cry sometimes when I think of it. I kept it bottled up for a long time. I can’t talk to anyone about it. I don’t know how to deal with it. My mom & sisters know about it. Sometimes I wanna tell my fiancé but I’m scared of what will happen after I tell him I don’t want him to think differently about me or make a scene in front of my family. My mom says shouldn’t tell my fiancé or anyone about it not even my therapist. Sometimes when my fiancé says things like sucking his dick I get uncomfortable or if he touches me my boobs & my butt. My brother has been distant from everyone in my family since it happened. When I told my teacher & we had to go downtown my mom told the people I was lying just to protect my brother so his life wasn’t ruined. That’s how my parents & sisters found out. My other brothers don’t know about it.