Made fun of for my motherly decision by my bf family

My boyfriend is 19 and I’m 17. His brother is 23 and sister 14. His brother and I often have a difference in opinion. For example his brother told him he would have to take the writing assignment and plus more to earn his drivers license. Since he’s 18+ he doesn’t take a writing assessment just the 6 hour course and driving test. His brother then asked how old I was and told me that’s why I wouldn’t know because of my age and called me dumb, they all three laughed over the situation only to be proven wrong. Today my boyfriends family came back from Mexico and his mom bought honey filled pacifiers for our baby. I told her I didn’t believe those were safe for my son but that I would check up with the doctor to be sure. I read the package of the pacifiers and it read that they are like a candy and eventually pop which is like a teething toy (my son is 6 months) I put the candies back in the bag and both the siblings and my bf said “they don’t break that easy” but that wasn’t my point. I’ve seen so much about honey filled pacifiers doing harm to infants and me being a first time mom it does scare me to try new things. They talked and talked about this dang candy filled pacifier and one of them made a joke and I flipped. They often make fun of me for the decisions I make and because I’m young I will admit I don’t know everything and the advice SOMETIMES helps. But am I wrong for being a little upset that my BF doesn’t stick up for me when I make a decision in which I think is the best choice for my son? 🥺 HELP 😕