I need help!! Awkwarddd


So my bf and I have lived in this apt for over a year and have had sex completely unfiltered. I know I can be a bit loud sometimes but I don't think it's unreasonable. Plus, we had a next store neighbor that shared a bedroom wall with us and she never ever said anything about noise. She actually would initiate conversation with us in the hall and seemed like she had no problem with us so we were under the impression that you couldn't hear anything. Plus we never hear anything from our neighbors. Ever!

Then months ago we found out Linda moved out so we had no one live next to us. Cool w/e. We continued as usual.

Well y'all we were just getting it on right now and I was enjoying myself as I do and we hear 3 loud BANGS on the wall basically saying cut it out. We immediately stopped and now I'm so embarrassed and feel so awkward. Someone must've just moved in. I feel like with my luck I'm gonna see them all the time now. What do I do if I see them? I feel like they're gonna shame me or something and I'm not on a feel comfortable in my own home. I can't imagine bringing up the sex noises/banging. What would you do if this happened to you?

UPDATE: yo so we've probably had sex maybe 5 times since then trying to be respectful and quiet. Last night before we even got very far into the whole act she banged on the wall again! Ladies I was barely making a sound, I don't understand. So we then moved somewhere else to finish. Okay I woke up to an email from our building manager to tell us there has been a noise complaint filed! WHAT? I'm so done with this situation. My boyfriend and I already talked about a plan to move the bedroom around so the bed won't be on this wall anymore and to turn the tv on from now on. But isn't a noise complaint a bit ridiculous?? And something to note, my boyfriend snores very loudly and I'm sure she hears that if she heard us last night but there's never anything said about that.