My labor and delivery @ 17 years old

My Labor and delivery @17 years old

Tuesday night @midnight on November 27th I went to the hospital with very small ( non painful) contractions that were 1-2 mins apart and lasting 45sec-1min long they monitored me for and hour ( after they checked me for dilation and I was only 1cm dialated 60-70% effaced) then they checked me again after that hour ( still NO change at all) so they tried everything such as rolling me over side to side for the next hour to try and see if my contractions would stop ( so they could send me home due to me coming in a few nights before with bleeding and contractions 1-2 mins apart) and as they thought about sending me home that night due to NO dilation change they called my midwife and she decided to just keep me ( because the nurses in labor and delivery HATED me and always had attitudes towards me) and they finally switched me to a delivery room and by then it was about 3-4 and my contractions had finally gotten stronger and less than a min apart and then they checked me again and I was at 3cm dilated. I then went to use the bathroom ( because I felt the need to take a #2 ) and after I used the bathroom I laid back onto my bed and as soon as I got comfortable or as comfortable as I could possibly get I felt & heard and huge gush, my water had finally broke and immediately after my water broke contractions got SOOOO PAINFUL ( back contractions) they were so painful they locked my entire body up every contraction so the nurses went and got me some medicine (idk the name) to sleep and relax & not even an hour later they checked me again and I was READY to push. Everything went so fast they didn’t even have ANYTHING set up for delivery but they made things happen QUICK right after they checked me they had me start pushing ASAP and I pushed 4 times (10 mins max) and delivered my beautiful babygirl! Everything went so smooth and easy , I didn’t even have any pain medicine before or after delivery! Only issue after delivery was my iron levels were SO low , that the first time they had me go use the bathroom I passed out straight on the bathroom floor , luckily I had a WONDERFUL nurse in the bathroom with me she was able to call a bunch of other nurses in the help me up and get me back awake again! It took them a good amount of time to finally get me back and awake but since then I’m feeling ALOT better after an iron transfusion!

Here is my precious little baby!