Am I wasting my time?

I met this guy and we instantly connected. I knew there was something there and everything he did showed the same. We kept going out and he kept being the sweetest guy. But he’s like a brick was and finds it really hard to communicate. Two months is he asked me to be his girlfriend. He is romantic, caring and just all around an incredible person. The kind of guy who makes you want to be a better person. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that I didn’t know him at all. He’s a stranger. So I talked to him about it and told him my concerns about how I come with a lot of baggage and we both have a lot of mental health issues that we need to figure out and learn to work around. I was going for more “let’s talk about all our dirty laundry and figure it out” and his approach was “let’s put this on ice and take a break”. Then he said something that broke my heart, “this has been fun, but I honestly don’t see it be anything serious.” I really thought our relationship had so much potential. He’s done nothing to show that he’s not serious. He’s introduced me to his friends, his colleagues, his sister. His family knows about me. I was devastated.

I really want opinions on if I’m wasting my time. Should I just walk away before it get myself completely hurt? Or try and see where this could go and talk it out with him?