Is this my BFP?! 🥳


So it looks like 2018 had one more surprise for me! It’s the last day of 2018 here in London!!!

I’ve been trying for 4 months, had some false positives or chemical previously. So this month I waited until 11DPO to save on wasting expensive tests and getting my hopes up. I actually ovulated a week earlier than Glow had predicted and found this out by testing my opk’s straight after my period.

I’ve had loads of strange symptoms in the past week and half. A lot of backache and cramping/twinges in my sides at 6/7DPO and then a lots of constipation/headaches/vivid dreams/a lot of creamy white CM and now I’m having heartburn and indigestion.

I thought it might be due to my period coming early or just over eating during the Christmas period!!?

So I’m 11DPO and this is FMU with a First Response, 6 days early test.

What do you think!!?? I’m going to retest in 2 days and HOPE it gets darker!

Taken in the 5 minute time frame below...

This is after 20 minutes below...

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