Help me 😫😫

Chantelle β€’ 25 β€’ baby Leo 11/08/19 πŸ’™πŸ’™

I’m roughly 10weeks 2 days (awaiting first scan due to no period!) but maaaan I feel rough! My OH caught a cold from work and because of having a weakened immune system due to hypothyroidism I caught it almost instantly. I could cope last week, but I’ve been awake since 1am (no idea why, just woke up & that was it!), and been at work since 07.45 😫 I’m exhausted, my head hurts, I ache all over and am beyond freezing! I don’t finish until 20.00, but what can I take?! What a way to see in the new year! Oh, and I had my first lot of morning sickness today which was just stomach bile 😫😫