Im so annoyed

Taylor • Mummy to Enzó🌈👶🏽

Okayso I’ll start by saying I’m 38 weeks pregnant so I had blood test scheduled this morning my so offered to come so last night as I’m going to bed I remind him that it’s at 11:30 so don’t go to bed too I wake up have some breakfast then wake him up he isn’t getting up I get ready and still calling for him to get up and he isn’t doing it I’m starting to get annoyed so I put my shoes on and tell him okay that’s enough let’s go he’s still there telling me to go myself (he plays this game all the time) so I said if I get up and order a taxi I can’t cancel it coz it will charge me he doesn’t move so I get up and go to get my phone and I hear him get up so I said so are you coming then and he’s still playing this game saying oh your taking a taxi okay im gonna go back to bed and I’m really getting annoyed and I know my tone is changing I said yes or no coz I’m about to order it and he’s like why you moaning get ready I’m said I am I only need my coat he throws my coat at the couch and is being really rude even though I’ve not done anything wrong I I’m like what’s your problem and he’s like you can see I’m getting ready so why you moaning I said coz I told you if I order a taxi which in this space of time I could have hes shouting but did you but did you and I’m trying to talk so finally I said no and follow it up with coz I know you like to do this stupid thing where you say your not coming as your getting ready so I’m pandering to your game it’s annoying we end up leaving together I’m super mad and he is to he just drops me off and goes back home I was like oh thanks for coming, when I got out I call him when it’s done and ask if he’s picking me up or I should get a taxi he said he’ll come and then calls back two mins later and says he doesn’t have enough fuel so I call a taxi he asks if I want any bacon at first I refused coz I’m still mad but I accepted coz I was hungry and it’s bacon 🤷🏽‍♀️ I got back and nobody said anything about the fight and we both left it in the past

Then about an hour or so after coming home I start feeling really tired so I go to lie down while I’m asleep he goes out I stir a few times but fall back asleep quickly then I wake up on the floor not remembering even getting up so I tried to call him but it wasn’t going through Message and asked where he was this is what happened after

I should be annoyed right?? 😤😭