Parents coerced me into marriage


My bf and I been dating & living together for over 5 years now, his parents & mines feel like it about time to “jump the broom”. I agree we should b getting married by now. But I’m traditional person I believe a “man should propose to a woman”. Not the other way around. My dude, isn’t the type that u can give an altermatium to & he do what u force him to do. Plus an altermatium means I have to hold up my end of the deal. And I love him to much to leave. Our parents r traditional as well, but I feel like blame me for us not being married. Look at him! I want to b married but that’s not my fault. I no deep down n my heart that he wants to marry me. Plus we talk about marriage and our wedding day a lot, but he feels like “we’re not stable enough to b married.” Everyone coerced the marriage topic isn’t going to b romantic or surprised when he actually purpose to me. It’s just going to feel obligated.

So what should I do? Cuz I’m tired of hearing this subject. 🤔😒