New baby rules!

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Hey guys! So, I just wanted to post the new baby rules I came up with (and sent to my boyfriend for approval, lol) and gather some opinions, see if people are saying similar stuff, see if people think they’re way too strict, just that stuff. Thanks in advance 😋

Hi all!

So, as excited as Tommy is to meet all his family and friends, he has a couple of requests beforehand!

1. Flu shots, please and thank you! (If you are unable to get it because of things like allergies, etc. that’s obviously a different story.) February is a yucky time for a tiny baby!

2. If you’ve been sick or feeling under the weather in the last two weeks, please let us know ahead of time and we’d be happy to have you once you’re feeling all better!

3. We know this one won’t be a crowd favorite- but no kisses, please. 😘🙅🏻‍♀️ Cold sores can begin to form a month before we can tell and the cold sore virus can be deadly to new babies! Even hands and top of the head have to remain kiss free for now! However, Mae would appreciate any kisses you feel you need to share. 😋🐶

4. If we’ll be spending any sort of time around you frequently, we would very much appreciate you getting a Tdap vaccine! Washington state has had some recently reported cases of whooping cough and we all want to keep him healthy!

5. If you are a smoker, please bring a fresh shirt or sweater to wear for baby cuddles! If we can smell any lingering smoke, so can Tommy, and even exposing him that way is very unsafe. (If it slips your mind- not a huge deal, we can always cover your shirt with a blanket. 😊)

6. We will make sure to keep stocked up on lots of hand sanitizer and soap for a thorough scrub down before cuddle time! We know you may have washed your hands just before coming over, but we’d like to air on the side of caution.

7. Part one about social media: After a lengthy discussion, Daniel and I decided we will be giving Tommy a very minimal social media presence, if any at all. While visiting you are more than welcome to take pictures of him - I already know this kid is gonna grow up with a camera in his face - but please and thank you, don’t post any pictures of him anywhere (such as Facebook) without asking us first. There are a lot of gross people out there who troll the internet looking for cute babies, ESPECIALLY naked pictures. Please just refrain from these at all. I totally understand how adorable a tiny baby booty is, but we have to keep in mind he’s also a person and one day could have to deal with the consequences of his naked baby pictures being publicly posted!

Part two on social media: We understand the excitement will be flowing right after he arrives, and of course we’ll keep everybody totally updated - but please let us be the first to announce his birth on social media. 💜 We know that seems pretty silly to have to actually say but even just in a burst of excitement it might slip somebody’s mind and they might post. Once we’ve spilled the beans, post away!!

**If you are unable or unwilling to get either the flu or Tdap vaccines, we just ask that you let us know beforehand!