Too much iced tea and slightly too red duck

So since I got pregnant I haven't drunk tea or coffee at all. I avoid alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine like the plague. I've also generally been very careful with meat, cheese and washing produce throroughly.

However tonight at a New Years party hosted by some of my husband's friends (France), my options were a bit limited. I was given duck that had been cooked for a fairly long time and the outside was burnt to a crisp. However when I ate it I noticed it tasted a bit rawer than I was expected and sure enough it was a bit redder inside than I expected - with some blood when I squeezed the flesh with my cutlery. I promptly stopped eating it and gave it to my husband to finish.

I was also limited by the drinks. The only drinks they had were coke or iced tea. No bottled water was pulled out. I went for the iced tea and I think I must have drunk about 1.5ltrs of the stuff before realising I had so much (people kept pouring it for me).

Now I'm freaking out that I've hurt my baby with eating raw duck and by drinking too much caffeine... am I being overly paranoid?