Did I choose the wrong brother? 🤔


The irony of the universe

Six years ago, the oddest man I’ve ever met basically fell in love with me at first sight. We’ll call him Joshua. He was socially awkward, overall not my type on personality or looks. He seemed creepy in his affection for me, considering I had only developed a friendship with him so far. His family was very very odd as well, which his family detracted me from him even more than he himself did. I told him kindly that I would never ever be interested in him, we just don’t connect.

Two years later I met a man who I liked, James. We had a blast fooling around together. Hot sex, crazy passion. Living for the fun of the moment. Falling in love. I never intended to fall in love but, the heart wants what I wants. We were crazy about eachother. We got married. Turns out, James is Joshua’s brother.

Fast forward 5 years.

Joshua lost weight. He learned how to socialize, turns out he is incredibly intelligent. Excellent career, an investor, incredibly good looking, incredibly mature. He is absolutely selfless and adoring to his wife, puts her above all else.

James, my now husband, I love to death. Still crazy about eachother. But he is taking a hell of a long time to grow up. He makes poor financial decisions, he is overall nice to me but frequently neglectful to me and my needs, and stupidly overlooks basic logic. He is extremely selfish and I am constantly struggling to combat his horrible financial decisions.

I’m not complaining about my husband, I love him. I’m just sitting here at a family gathering admiring my brother in law and thinking. FUCK did i misjudge that man. Should have not been so shallow and given him a chance.

Don’t judge me, I’m just observing the irony of the universe.