Can your vagina get loose ?

To start off i’m just venting no ride comments please. Okay so i have 2 children my son whom is 5 and my daughter whom is 9 months in a week. after my first child my vagina was fine it didn’t feel loose i didn’t queef a lot (i know loose vagina doesn’t make you queef it’s the air) but after my daughter i feel like it’s loose asf i did rip but i didn’t get any stitches since she dr says it wasn’t bad god i wish she stitched it anyways lol you ever here about someone complain that the dr stitched it to up and it made them tighter and they was mad ? like i wish that was me i’d be happy lol (i remember reading it somewhere) but anywho i now queef so much even when i’m not even doing much like how the fuck do air get in there from laying down or bending over or damn near anything shits ridiculous. idk i just feel like it’s loose and now i have a damn cyst i think it’s where i tore and i’m very insecure about a man seeing it (definitely noticeable you can see it if a man was to go down on me) or looking at my vagina. and thinking what if they think it’s something else or that it looks nasty or that it looks like i might have something. it doesn’t hurt or bother me just the feeling (when i feel it) it’s like a ball maybe a pea size and the sight of it i haven’t had any sex and won’t be for a while due to my SO being in jail but everyone says do kegals and i have i feel like it’s not working or maybe i’m not doing it right idk 😐 i just hate my vagina right now