drunk husband

At midnight my husband drank 1.5 bottles of wine (on empty stomach) before we went to Walmart to grocery shop. We left at 1am. We were at Walmart for 15 minutes before he starts puking in the women’s restroom toilet with his face laying on the toilet. Then he lays in the restroom floor and keeps shitting himself and trying to clean it up and it is everywhere. He laid there for a while with his pants down, shit all over him, acting like he’s close to passing out. I finally basically forced him to get out of the bathroom. He sat on a bench outside the bathroom for a while until he said he had to go puke again and he goes to the women’s restroom and lays down on the floor again and he’s in there for a while and doesn’t even puke. He kept going to the women’s restroom instead of men’s because he wanted me to be able to be with him but I was worried someone was going to see him in there. I make him go back to the bench outside the bathroom and he shits his pants like literally 6 more times while sitting there, pukes again, and eventually he is laying down on the bench, looking passed out, but I kept him awake. We end up going home at 3am. When we got home I spent about an hour cleaning him off with wipes.. it was awful. Then I spent at least 30 minutes trying to get him to eat a piece of bread but he kept refusing and crying about it. He starves himself every day and it’s basically impossible to get him to eat food. He barely ever eats, I don’t know how he even manages to stay alive. But anyway, I gave up on feeding him and now here I am ranting. He’s asleep now. I really hate having to deal with him doing things like this all the time. I’m always taking care of him and putting up with him... Really not what I need while I’m 9 months pregnant.. Just needed to rant somewhere.