Planning to have pain relief?


I'm on my fourth baby. My first child was my only epidural and it was so nice to relax and not be in terrible pain while having contractions. My second I wasn't able to get the epidural because the anesthesiologist was not available at the time and I progressed to quickly and with my third I was induced but the pain was bearable til they broke my water and I asked for an epidural and got it placed but it's didn't even have time to work because as soon as she pulled the needle out the baby decended and came out in 3 pushes! My water has never broke on its own and it seems like when they break my water that's when the contractions get very intense. So my plan was to ask for an epidural before they break my water ( if it doesn't break on it's own). Do you ladies think this is a good idea to get the most comfortable labor? Any other tips? I just want my last labor to be as comfortable as possible!