Ok so in August I moved from Az to Colorado my fiancé’s brothers lives here and one has his own business and wants my fiancé to work for him we were supposed to get married in November but we ended up holding off on the wedding cause we got prego I found work right away ended up being seasonal we’re I work 6 months and get 6 months off and collect unemployment I have a 10 year old 8,4,1 1/2 year old in a baby boy due in May. I’m starting to get homesick all my family is in az these holidays have been so rough for me his bros don’t do anything for the holidays everyone does there own this in we are used to being around friends in family or hosting parties in az or during the weekend we always had stuff going on and now that we are in Colorado we don’t do anything I’m so bored out of my mind I’m off work I dnt kno how to keep busy all I do is clean to keep busy I’m starting to take it out on my fiancé in I feel bad but can’t snap out of this mood.... any suggestions on what u stay at home moms do to keep sane

Sorry so long and horrible spelling n punctuation