nye plans ruined


okay so me and this guy i’ve been talking have been talking for a couple months now. we talk about making things official but we haven’t. for new years i wanted to spend it with him. he had just gotten back from a hunting trip and we hadn’t seen each other since. we were both planning on doing nye together and i was going to sleep over at his place. 😛 so yesterday before our plans started he gets a text from a friend who needs a ride back to our town (he was like 2 hours away). it wasn’t the first time he has canceled plans on me to go help a friend. the last time i was getting ready about to leave for his place and he says that he is going to see a friend who he hasn’t seen in a while and i let it slide. well yesterday i didn’t and we argued that i’m never a priority. we had set plans and he told his friend that he would go help him. me being the bitch that i am... hi 🙂told him to go with his friend because i’m done being a second choice. do i keep seeing him or what ?