Am I In The Wrong?


I know it’s a new year and i should feel good and positive but my New Years celebration plan... didn’t go as planned.

I have a boyfriend and i really wanted to celebrate with him OF COURSE!

I was really excited because it WOULD’VE been my first New Year Kiss with someone my SOUL LOVES.

Turns out he had another plan. He wanted to take me to this Mountain that had a view of the city (Las Vegas). I was down for it but my mom wanted me to be with her. I’m a 17 year old FEMALE, so i have to obviously get that approved but my mom said no.

So i told him he should just come with us to the Strip... Turns out he also invited his friends he works with to the Mountain and he didn’t wanna cancel cuz “it’d be fucked up”.

The thing that really irked me was he was saying “idk what to do” when it was pretty clear he knew what he wanted to do...

I tried telling him that this would be our first New Year together and how great it’d be if he came with me and my family but i guess he didn’t want to?

He told me before he got off work that he was gonna go to the mountains and that he really wanted to go with me but he didn’t wanna cancel on HIS FRIENDS.

My feelings were hurt... i left him on read... and we haven’t talked since... 8:40 p.m. last night. No “Happy New Year” No “i’m safe” No “goodnight” No “goodmorning”.... I don’t wanna be that controlling girlfriend but FUCK. Am i wrong to be mad? What should i do?!