Still in crib? Sleep and fears


Anyone else still have their littles in the standard crib? Ashamed to admit I do. My daughter would be up running all night long if the rails weren't there to keep her in. Within the last few month as well she has started to have major fears of ghosts,monsters,etc which I feel was picked up from halloween and cartoons. I have always had a nightlight projector and sound machine in the room and she shares a room with her 1year old sister so she isn't totally alone in the dark as I sleep in the room with them as well(odd situation but another story). She may take a 1 hour nap occasionally some days but will still lay awake in her crib for almost an hour and a half and keeps calling out for me to come check the room with a flashlight for monsters before I finally give up and go to bed for the night. It doesn't matter if I put her to bed earlier or later she still wont go to sleep before 11pm and we are up 8 or 9latest. Anyone else having these issues? Still using cribs? I tried the transition for over a week which resulted in me basically playing tag with a toddler every night for over 3 hours trying to get her back in bed. Any advice? I've offered special protective stuffed animals,a gloworm light toy in her bed, intermittently checking on her while I'm still up before bed,etc.