Mirena IUD Complication


Maybe TMI:

So I have the Mirena IuD that I just found out may have messed up. October 25th I got Mirena Inserted. I bleed for almost 4 weeks until I got a 7 day pill from my doctor November 21st to stop bleeding. So it officially stopped November 26th. I haven’t had no bleeding and it’s January 3rd. No period & no spotting. So today I was like hmm I should check my string. And come to find out my string is very long and 2 inches from my vaginal opening. I’ve had unprotected sex with my husband multiple times since I had IUD. I’m calling my doctor later today to get appointment because the IUD obviously moved down. And now I’m hoping I’m not or won’t become pregnant. I really would love to hear others story about Mirena because I’m worried at this moment.

Side Note: I’m taking pregnancy test later for just in case.