Sexual assault

I went clubbing a on New Year’s <a href="">Eve</a> with my friend and my boyfriend went somewhere else.

I get to the club meet a few people but one guy in particular is harassing me. He keeps touching me and grabbing me and I turned around and said ‘I hate being touched don’t touch me’ (I had already said this to a few people who tried to hug me in front of him too 😂) he then followed me and kept dancing with me so i swapped sides with my friend so she would be the one next to him.

He then picked up a balloon and went to throw it at me so I freaked out and said how I’m allergic to latex- big mistake he just said u can’t use condoms? And got so much rougher. Ny friend turned around for a split second and he grabbed me and dragged me to a corner and kept trying to kiss me. I’m shouting I have a boyfriend and showing him my lock screen (of us two) but he didn’t give a fuck. I had tears down my face and he had his hands in my underwear. Before he could properly insert my friend found me and started hitting him or whatever. As we left he came out and said I’ve called us a taxi and tried to force me in it so I ran off....

I was pretty traumatised (I was more triggered due to being molested as a child like it brought up a lot for me) so phoned my boyfriend straight away and explained everything (crying) saying I was scared but he just seemed so angry at me.....

Since then he keeps making digs at me bringing it up constantly saying I clearly give off some kind of vibe.

I’m so hurt and I’ve told him he’s being a prick but he doesn’t care, he’s just mad at me not the guy?!