So I have to be selfish now.

After a year of putting effort into this relationship and he still can’t do the same. The only thing I can do now is stop putting effort in too. He goes to the grocery store and only gets things for himself. Can’t even pick up food for our cat. He leaves the apartment a mess if I don’t pick up after him so I’ve stopped. He magically cleans it spotless before one of his friends comes over though. Guess they are worth putting effort into over me. I’ve been really sick these past weeks and he still can’t do anything for me. When he was sick, I’d buy his cold medicine and lots of tissues. For me, nothing. He still asks me to do things for him all the time but he acts like I’m bossing him around and asking too much if I ask him to open like a jar that I can’t open. He called me this morning asking for me to get him something just so he didn’t have to walk into the apartment, so I hung up on him. And of course he called me a selfish brat when he oh no! Had to walk inside for a second instead of getting pickup service at the parking lot, and get his own thing before leaving again. Lets see how he likes it when someone treats him the way he treats them! I’ve tried talking to him over this year and told him everything I can say. He won’t change, so I’ll stop too.

*for those of you saying leave, it’s not that easy. The only place I can go is my parents house which is over a hour away and I wouldn’t be able to maintain my job here that I really like. Im trying to figure out what to do but in the meantime I’m stuck here.