Blood clotting disorder

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So a few weeks ago I was asked to start fertility testing because I’ve now had 3 miscarriages. The first was a pregnancy of unknown location at 6.5 weeks and miscarried naturally. The second, and the most painful, was my baby Frog, everything was great. Until the 12 week scan, her heart stopped at 11+3 weeks on 18th June 2018. The third, was 28th November 2018 at exactly 7 weeks.

The blood results came back and I was asked by the reception at my doctors surgery to repeat the tests in April 2019. I was confused. I had a doctors appointment today anyway because I have just started antidepressants so I had a checkup. She confirmed that one of the blood results was positive with very high levels, that’s why they want me to repeat it to confirm. It was the test for blood clotting disorder. So I’m now never going to be able to have a baby without medical help. I will have to take aspirin and injections to carry to term. And it will cause complications. She said this is because the levels were so high meaning I would have one of the more rare and dangerous types of clotting disorder.

All 3 of my babies died because my body wasn’t good enough.