What are your birthing plans??

Hey ladies! Congrats to everyone on their BFP ❤😍

I was just wondering if any of you guys have given any thought to some kind of birth plan? Maybe not so much a plan as much as how you want it to go.

For me, I've had 3 children already. I had my first 2 very young 17 and 19 and I had my youngest (soon to be evicted from that position 😂🤣)at 23. With all of my deliveries so far, I just went with the flow and did what was expected.... well because it was expected and that's just how I thought it was 😂 but as I get older and learn more I'm coming to realize that i want a different experience!

For starters, I don't plan on getting any meds. I want it all natural. I've had 3 smooth deliveries all 3 other times. I ripped a TINY bit with my first, my second they cut me half way to my butt my third was the easiest! No rips or cuts and I was feeling good afterwards. Their heart rates never dropped during labor and my vitals were good so.. I don't want to be confined to laying in the hospital bed. I want the freedom to walk around maybe bounce on one of those big balls and be comfortable while my body what's what it should and knows to do! Second I want to do delayed cord clamping and I don't want them to give the baby a bath or do anything besides wipe the blood off and hand baby to me. I want to do skin to skin for as long as I'd like before they wisk the baby away and do all their tests and weigh ins until I decide we are ready.

I just don't know if I'll find a doctor who would be willing to do all of that, though! 🤔

Anyone else know what they want yet?