15 DPO. Period 1 day late

So I took two tests at 14 dpo and received vvvfl.

I took those with afternoon urine so I took another this morning right when I got out of bed. This test is from this morning 15 dpo.

But then I went to the restroom earlier cause my stomach was hurting and I wiped. I saw a snot like cm and it looked like it had the tiniest hint of pink to it so I kept wiping and it and was still pinkish but there wasn’t a lot, it was just the normal cm that looked pink ish. So I thought damn my period is going to start and when it starts it ALWAYS flows like a waterfall at first drop. So I put a tampon in and went back to work for two hours and went back to the restroom to check and not a tint of color or anything on the tampon. Just the regular cm.

What the hell is going on Becky?

My tits are hurting but not as much as they normally do before my period and my face is breaking out. I’m usually a tired person but when I got home from work the past couple of weeks I literally pass out sitting up on the couch.