Having a hard time...


Im having a hard time dealing with the fact that my precious little boy will be 3 in 4 MONTHS!!! Any other mommas out there struggling? Two was hard, but the realization of 3 is heartbreaking for me. He is moving out of his crib, going on the potty, losing diapers and the diaper bag, talking up a storm, very adventurous and just plan becoming big in every way. Time really needs to slow down.

Being silly

Mommy and Daniel going out for lunch.

Daddy's citizenship ceremony.

Loves to build robots!

Family vaca to FL 2018. His 2nd time to the ocean.

My water broke at 32weeks, i spent 2 weeks in the hospital trying my hardest to help him grow and mature... At 34 weeks and 2 days he was born. 4lbs 4oz.

3 different Christmas with this little guy. We cant remeber life without him!