Road Trip

Me and my boyfriend, Reed, have been dating since we were both 14. We are now 16. I slept over at his house for the billionth time and we obviously slept in the same bed. Our level of intimacy is super high rn, I had a couple of hickeys. Anyways... The next day we took a 14h road trip together w our good friends, Kylie and Charles. Charles took the picture at the bottom, anyways I was falling asleep and I kept looking over to Reed and every time he was looking at me, i asked Kylie to turn down the radio and I started to get comfortable, when Reed leant over and picked up a blanket on the ground and put it over himself and then he motioned for me to come here so I moved over and put my head on his chest and fell asleep to his heartbeat. We woke up in the parking lot of our hotel, and Kylie and Charles were gone, and I said I think we should go and he replied no, I looked at him confused and he laid me on the seat and laid beside me with our blanket.

Kylie and Charles came back to the car and took a bunch of pictures of us and posted them on there VSCO as #relationshipgoals.