Car Accident

Megan • mama to 2 furbabies and the most perfect baby boy 💙

So last night as we were leaning our child birth classes at the hospital, some drunk asshole decided to ram into the back of our car that was stopped at a red light going like 35-40 mph. He got arrested, thankfully, but I got to spend 5 hours in labor and delivery. Baby is good, he's still moving like crazy as I write this, but I've been having minor and very spaced out contractions since. My back hurts, I'm nauseous as hell and all around in pain and miserable. I'm really anxious the contractions are going to get worse too and I'll end up in preterm since I just hit 32 weeks today. Why are people the worst? Also any tips on how to stay comfortable with this? The nauseous feeling gets worse when I eat but obviously not eating makes me nauseous too so I'm at a loss.