Completely unrelated to human pregnancy

Rhiannon • \\Mama to Oscar & Amelia 💙 Wife to Gerard//

My chihuahua is just about ready to have her puppies.

Probably this afternoon I’d say.

She’s panting heavily. Vomiting and off her food.

Also she has been nesting the past few days and this would be day 59 pregnant for her. (It’s common for smaller dogs to go a week earlier than expected)

My question is. - apart from the obvious give her space, replace towels in whelping box with clean ones, keep water close by. Ect.

What else could I do to help her be in less pain?

Her first litter I was completely oblivious to the extent of the pain she was most probably feeling. But I have since had a baby of my own and now am aware the the pain would be UNREAL. And if there’s anything I can do to help her be more comfortable. I would love to know.

Any tips?