Potty training


So I just started this new way of potty training my older sister said it worked in about 2 weeks. You let them run around without any diaper or pull-up or pans. well I just took him off the potty cuz he wasn’t doing anything and guess what my kid did as soon as he went downstairs he pooped and peed on the floor this morning. Then when I was making dinner he peed and then 20 minutes later after he ate he peed again. I’ve looked it up and it’s supposedly dose work and some say it can even work within three days. They said the best time to start us between 20 months and 30 months. My kid is 20 months in a few days. We’ve been using the Potty way before this but I can’t seem to get him to tell me when he needs to go. Has anyone else ever tried this method? If so did it work for ya and how long did it take? I just feel like I may be doing something wrong lol