Which would you prioritize

So my mom had a surgery for a mess up involving her hysterectomy 20 years ago. Shes out and doing fine. Well shes ending up in the hospital longer than we thought even thought it went perfectly. The hospital is 2 hours away. I told my dad id come visit the next day because my boyfriends little sister (shes 13) texted me and said it was urgent and she needed someone to talk to. I told her id come pick her up so we could talk. My mom is fine, and i dont know if his little sister is but my dad is mad at me that im “prioritizing” someone who isnt family for my own mother. I will cancel if need be but im the closest woman figure in this little girls life and she has depression and anxiety and has a bad home life. Am i in the wrong? My bfs little sister is my family, and my mom is completely fine and just resting. What would you do? (Im 20, not sure if it matters)

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