My dear ,

I wish everyone knew who you truly are. That they could see the real you. How controlling and manipulative you are. Your mom and sister would be so disappointed. I wish you’d just treat me better. Love me. Let me be myself. I just want to be happy. I wish i could be happy. I wish i was strong enough to fight you away. I wish i was strong enough to leave. I wish i was brave enough to tell someone who you really are and what you’ve done to me. Instead of my family loving you, they would hate you. My mom literally calls you her best friend. It’s crazy how you are a different person around everyone else. You make me want to die. It just seems so much easier because you always find a way to terrorize me, hurt me and drive me insane. Just please leave me alone. I’m begging you. Leave me. Stop telling me everything will be better soon. Stop putting me down so you can bring me back up and do it over again. Just let me be. Let me live.