FTM birth story💕


As I'm laying in bed next to my sleeping 6 week old I thought it was finally time to share my birth story. I was the pregnant girl every other pregnant girl hated, no morning sickness, barely any aversions or cravings, couldn't tell I was pregnant unless you saw me from the side.. All that. I'm a tiny girl to begin with so by the time I hit 37 weeks my Dr gave me the okay to try inducing myself at home because I was already carrying my LO weird due to her not having any room left to grow, my husband and I tried everything and I mean everything, nothing worked. At my 39 week appt I convinced my Dr to strip my membranes(ouch) two days later I was woken up by my contractions at 140am, went pee and tried to lay back down.. Nope! Not happening, woke up my husband and called the hospital which said to come in any time, my contractions were now 6 min apart my husband suggested I try taking a warm shower to help relax and I was freezing to the touch, so I got in the shower got out, got dressed and finished packing our hospital bags while my husband took a quick shower. My contractions were about 4 min apart now and were so strong they had me falling on the floor in pain, I could barely walk to the car. We headed to the hospital about 20 after 3am and got up to L&D 6min before 4, my water broke on our front seat on the way to the hospital! By the time we arrived at the hospital and I got into the bed and had the bands strapped on my contractions were 1-2 min apart and I was 9cm but could be stretched to a 10, they had me do some practice pushes for a while to help move babe downward once I started crowning the midwife had me wait with her head there to help stretch me out a little more to prevent tearing. At 5am I started pushing for real and 45 min later my little rainbow was in my arms. My entire labor start to finish was 4 hours long, no pain meds/epidural with 1small tear but not enough to stitch or do anything about.. It was insane for my first labor, everyone said I did absolutely amazing but with my next child may want to get to the hospital faster or I might be having them in the car😂😂 I had no signs of going into labor beforehand, and we all thought my Dr was going to have to induce me, we had a date set and everything.

Last bump picture.

Rosalee Skye born thanksgiving morning(11/22) 4 days before her due date 6lbs 12oz 20in long.. Scared mommy and daddy because she came out pretty purple and didn't make any noise for a few min but otherwise was pretty perfect at birth😍


We got to go home that Saturday!

But unfortunately ended up back in the hospital that Monday, her actual due date for 2 days because her billirubin levels were so high that she needed light therapy😔

Looking so much better after a day and a half of light therapy😍 I was able to keep her in the room with me that night and was discharged the next morning.

And now my little squish is 6 weeks old, BF but takes bottles of breast milk like a champ, and 9lb 8oz😍😍 my rainbow baby💕💕 thank you for reading if you got this far! Lol